What Are the Most Expensive Cocktails in the World?

There’s something magical about that perfect cocktail.  It is at once a relaxing way to unwind, a way to transition from daytime drudgery to nighttime fun, and even a way to enjoy spending time with friends and family.  However, not all cocktails are created equal – some are far, far more expensive than others.  What are the most expensive cocktails in the world?


#4: The Magie Noir
For about $400 or so, you can enjoy the Magie Noir, served at the Umbaba Club in London. These cocktails were created by Giles Andreis and contain a shot of Hennessy, as well as Crème de Mure, yohimbe and Dom Perignon.


#3: The Ritz Side Car
For a measly $500, you can enjoy the Ritz Side Car cocktails, served at the Hemingway Bar in Hotel Ritz, Paris.  It contains some of the oldest cognac available, as well as Cointreau and lemon.


#2: The Sapphire Martini
If you have a spare $3,000 in your pocket, this cocktail served at Mezz at Foxwoods Resort Casino is sure to be a great choice.  Made from Sapphire gin, Curacao and dry vermouth, it also comes with a sapphire and a pair of diamond earrings, as well!


#1: The Most Expensive Cocktail
In the world of cocktails, only one reigns supreme over all others, at least in terms of price.  Head to Movida in London, where you can spend about $40,000 for the privilege of enjoying Louis XII cognac blended with flakes of twenty-four karat gold leaf, Cristal Rose champagne, and an eleven-carat diamond ring in the bottom of the drink.  Security guards accompany the serving and consuming of these cocktails! 


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