What is the Nightlife Like in Phoenix?

If you will be visiting Phoenix, Arizona, you are most likely wondering what you should do while you are in town. There are many tourism-based attractions, sites and entertainment options. However, do not forget to take the time to enjoy a little of the city’s nightlife.

Since Phoenix is located in the southwest of the country, it is no surprise that many of the nightclubs and nightlife options in Phoenix offer plenty of country music and dancing. Those who enjoy a more laid back atmosphere will find that Phoenix also offers numerous options for jazz clubs, cigar lounges, and martini bars. These laid back nightlife scenes are perfect if you have spent a busy day out and you need some time to unwind.

The main areas for the nightlife scene in Phoenix are in the downtown section and on the north side of town. Both Scottsdale and Tempe are home to busy nightlife scenes, as well. Whatever your interests, you’ll find them catered to in Phoenix.

In addition, Downtown Phoenix has the valley’s largest concentration of performance halls, including Symphony Hall on Adams Street, the Orpheum Theater (built in 1929), and the Herberger Theater Center. Major performing-arts venues are also commonplace in the region, making Phoenix a great place to visit to enjoy the arts.

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