Which Famous Celebrities Are Jewish?

There are famous celebrities of almost every religion and walk of life in Hollywood today.  While being Jewish used to be considered almost taboo, there are a few celebs who helped to break the mold.  Here, we will look at some famous religious celebrities who helped make Judaism more mainstream.


Mel Brooks

This hilarious writer and director is famous for such comedies as “Blazing Saddles” and “Spaceballs”.  He is also among the Jewish celebrities who helped pave the way for such modern celebs as Sarah Silverman and Jon Stewart.


Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand is considered a queen of many forms of media.  From stage to screen to music, she has done it all, and gained millions of fans along the way.  She is another of the religious celebrities who have helped bring more awareness to Jewish traditions.


Adam Sandler

While considered more modern than the other acts on this list, there is no doubt that Sandler has made many contributions to Jewish celebrity.  He is wickedly funny, and has worked hard to bring about tolerance.  He has created holiday movies and songs for the Jewish community that have gained widespread mainstream appeal.


Religious celebrities can help foster a sense of awareness and tolerance in the community.  Those on this list are only a few of the famous religious celebrities who are Jewish, but their contributions cannot be underestimated.  Judaism is perhaps more well understood now than ever before, and the pioneering work of many celebrities has helped to make this possible.

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