Which Famous Celebrities Have Had the Most Unusual Deaths?

The world often mourns collectively when a celebrity dies, and news of the death typically travels fast via the gossip magazines and internet celebrity new sites.  In some cases, however, death leaves behind a bit of a mystery. The following cases are still open to interpretation.

Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were both killed within a short time of each other.  The cause of death was apparent – gunshot wounds for both – yet the identity of the shooter was not.  Many people still question whether gangs were involved, and whether or not the rappers and their friends had something to do with one another’s deaths.

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the band Nirvana, and was one of the most famous celebrities of the grunge generation.  While his death was ruled suicide by gunshot wound, there are many who simply do not believe this.  Some experts say that the level of heroin found in his body was too high for him to have been able to pull the trigger, leading many to start their own independent investigations.

Natalie Wood, actress best known for her role in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ was long believed to have accidentally drowned after falling off a boat while intoxicated.  The case was reopened in 2010, however, and there is much evidence that Wood was pushed and that there may have been a struggle that led to her death.

These are but a few of the mysterious famous celebrities deaths that have gathered public attention from Hollywood.  

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