Which Video Games Make the Best Gifts For Your Children?

Are you looking for great video games to give your children? Here are some of the most popular video games out right now in electronics stores.  With these choices, your youngsters are bound to be happy.

The Lego series of video games is available for most consoles and handheld devices.  Kids of all ages will love playing along with Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.  The games are kid friendly and a great deal of fun.

The Kingdom Hearts series for the Playstation2, PSP, and DS is another great option for kids.  Combining the fun of adult style role playing video games with the magic of Disney, these games are fun for children and adults alike.

Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are great for kids, as well.  These video games offer families a great opportunity to spend time with one another while enjoying virtual version of their favorite games.

Raving Rabbids TV Party is another great game for kids.  This game offers minigames much in the style of the Mario Party series, but features a series of wisecracking rabbits as the main playable characters.

Last on the list is Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii, DS, or GameCube.  These games have been popular for over a decade now, and with improved graphics and controls, they are more fun than ever.

Video games make great gifts for the little ones.  You will find that there are many options, but those listed here are among the most fun and child-friendly games on the market.

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