Who Are the Top 5 Hottest Female Celebrities in Hollywood?

The usual story is that Hollywood actors tend to get older and sexier, whereas the women fade away into obscurity while young teens replace them.  Before you start complaining about the way things are, grab the latest gossip magazine and check out these women of Hollywood who are getting hotter by the year. 

Angelina Jolie – as a mother and a woman over 35, Angelina looks absolutely ravishing with Johnny Depp in the new Hollywood action flick ‘The Tourist.’  She is living proof that soccer moms can still grab the attention of a nation of boys, even with some tough competition from girls half her age. 

Of course, men have nothing against hot teen models turned Hollywood celebrities.  Wherever you see a “hot list” of Hollywood women, you have to include ‘Transformers’ break out star Megan Fox.  Megan Fox is quirky, rebellious and has a figure to die for. 

Penelope Cruz is another Hollywood starlet who refuses to go away just because she passed the big three-zero.  Cruz looked marvelous in ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ and will look even more breathtaking in the fourth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ where she will play Jack Sparrow’s heartthrob.

Scarlett Johansson has the ability to play sexy in whatever time period Hollywood puts her in, whether she’s playing young and urban, classic and ladylike or even super-villainous!  Her performance in ‘Iron Man 2’ as the Black Widow was sultry and picture-perfect.

Lastly, we have another mature beauty who still happens to look smoldering in a swimsuit: the exotic Salma Hayek.  This hot Hollywood Latina can be seen in the upcoming movie  ‘Seven Friends of Pancho Villa’ with Johnny Depp. Johnny sure knows how to pick his co-stars!

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