Why Americans Don’t Watch Soccer

Soccer is considered by many to be the biggest sport in the world and is a national pastime all over the globe, yet in the United States it is barely on the radar.  Why is it that Americans don’t seem to embrace soccer, and what is it about other sports that garners so much U.S. attention? 

One reason Americans have little interest in soccer is that the games are incredibly low scoring.  A soccer game lasts for hours, yet at the end, it is possible for only one or two points to have been scored.  Combine this with the fact that many points are recalled by officials and that the set of rules is incredibly complex, and you have a recipe that may put off newcomers to the game.

Most American sports, while still employing a number of technicalities, are fairly straightforward.  When a football is passed, there is a fair chance that it will be run in for a touchdown, or that a spectacular tackle will be made.  Every pitched baseball offers the potential for a home run.  This is exciting, and for many, soccer simply lacks that same appeal.  For lack of better words, soccer is simply boring to Americans, who are used to more high-octane thrills and spills.

It would seem that many Americans like a game with a lot of high paced action, numerous plays, or even a fight here and there.  Hockey is seen as boring to many Americans, but many stayed tuned in simply for the fights.  Soccer is simply too different from the traditional sports offered here.  Why wait for one goal within an hour in soccer when you can see Kobe Bryant score twenty points in basketball on the next TV channel?

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