Why Survivor Still Tops Prime Time Television

When it comes to reality TV, there has been no show more instrumental than Survivor.  This show really started the trend in prime time television, and it has been seated at the top of the reality ratings charts ever since.  What sparked our fascination with this show, and what is it that continues to resonate with viewers and keep them watching?

When you stop to think about it, Survivor is the ultimate way to really get into the average human psyche.  You have a group of people, all alone on an island and left to fend for themselves while also vying for a prize that would make almost anyone start lying, cheating, and backstabbing to get it.  Better still, they do it all while video cameras are rolling for the entire world to watch.  Survivor is pure entertainment.

We are all fascinated by watching people live out their daily lives on camera, and watching people in the most intense circumstances try to form friendships with people they may well have to betray in the near future is incredibly captivating.  Survivor pits friends against one another and makes enemies have to play nice when it is the last thing they want to do.  It is like the ultimate psychology experiment, and we are all invited to watch.

The challenges on Survivor are fun to watch, and seeing people do things that we would never envision for ourselves is a great way to imagine how we would act better under similar circumstances.  Television has always been a way to escape reality, and with Survivor, viewers can do it while also watching as someone else’s reality is altered entirely.

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