Why Yankee Stadium is Unsurpassed as a Sports Entertainment Venue

Sports in the US has always been synonymous with baseball. Though it has traveled throughout the world, the popularity of this particular form of sports is the greatest in the US. Yankee Stadium, of course, has a significant place in American sport history. The new stadium, opened in 2009, was not without controversy, but it has surpassed the expectations of its boosters and quelled the objections of its detractors. This venue has received great praise for its design, its many modern improvements and as an all-around great place for sports entertainment.


Located on East 161st Street and River, this sports and entertainment venue can hold almost 55,000 baseball fans. The park was designed to incorporate some of the distinctive elements of the old Yankee Stadium, but it has a very modern flair. The field is particularly beautiful, a lush green with patterned landscaping that make it seem like a slice of summer. As a form of popular entertainment, baseball is known for one thing above all others: home runs. This stadium spans 408 feet down center field, making it a worthy challenge for any batter.


Attending any form of sports regularly, of course, can get a bit pricey. Yankee Stadium holds several family-themed events throughout the year that offer more than just entertainment. There is also the opportunity to see the team work out and, of course, some of the most entertaining games happen when Yankee Stadium hosts a famous rival, such as the Boston Red Sox. All in all, it is well worth a visit!

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