3 Natural Methods to Remove Weeds From Your Garden

Weeds are an unattractive part of any lawn or garden.  Worse, they take the nutrients from the soil that you need for your flowers, vegetables or grass.  However, you have a number of all-natural options for getting rid of weeds.  The chemical sprays and pesticides you can buy from garden centers are unhealthy and certainly not environmentally friendly, so more people are turning to natural methods of removing weeds.  


The following are three simple, natural methods that you can use in your garden so it can live up to its fullest potential.


The first method of getting rid of weeds involves boiling some water.  Make sure that you put the boiled water into a container that has an easy to hold handle.  Don’t use a plastic watering can, or you may melt it!  An old metal flask or thermos works best.  Take some gardening shears and clip off the tops of the weeds in your yard in order to open them up.  Take the boiling water and pour it onto the weeds, including the stem and the bottom.  The hot water will kill them overnight.


Another option for treating the weeds in your yard involves salt.  You have to be careful when you salt the earth because it will kill all the plant life it touches.  It draws away the moisture from the plant, and because of this, it is generally only a good idea to use salt on weeds that are sprouting up through your driveway, on concrete.


A third way to deal with the weeds is to use a spray bottle filled with water and vinegar.  You want about one part vinegar to nine parts water in the solution.  Spray it directly onto the weeds and repeat daily until they are gone.  The vinegar, while being all-natural, is very acidic, and will chemically destroy the plants.


The simple and cost effective methods detailed above will help you keep your yard weed-free naturally!

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