5 Fast Ways to Remove a Ring Stuck on Your Finger

If you’ve ever tried on an expensive ring in a jewelry store that was just a little too small, you’ve probably been faced with the frustration and embarrassment of trying to get it off.  If you haven’t removed one of your regular rings in a while, you might also find that taking the ring off is troublesome. Here’s how to remove it, fast.


Submerse Your Hands in Water


The first thing you will want to try is submersing your hand in cold water.  Add a few ice cubes, and make the water as cold as you can bear it.  Leave your hand in the water for several minutes, which can cause your blood vessels to constrict and your flesh to tighten.  This should make your finger smaller and help you get the ring off.


Elevate Your Hand


Another option to remove a stuck ring is to elevate your hand.  This is the best option if you get an expensive ring stuck on your finger in a store, or if you don’t have access to water.  Raise it over your heard for 30 seconds to reduce the blood flow.  This can also help if you have swollen hands, which is common after a day of hard shopping.


Choose the Right Time of Day


If you don’t have a time restriction on getting the ring off, it is worth noting that early morning is a better time to try and rid yourself of the ring than last thing at night.  In the afternoon and evening, blood flow increases through our body, making your hands and feet swell up to a quarter size larger.


Lotion and Vaseline


Of course, using lubricant is a tested and true method of getting a stuck ring off your finger.  You can find many household products that will be able to provide the lubricating power you need.  Some of your top options include butter, Vaseline, lotion, shampoo, baby oil, or just plain old soap and water. 


Place a liberal amount of the lubricant over your knuckles and the ring, and then begin twisting the ring in an upward motion to remove it. 


Some other ring removing tips from the pros:


*  Never grab the ring and try to pull it straight off without twisting it, as this will cause the skin beneath to bunch up and get in the way of removing the ring.


*  As the ring goes over your knuckle, bend your finger slightly to flatten the skin at the knuckle and make the ring come off more smoothly.


*  If you have particularly fleshy knuckles, try wrapping a strong piece of clear tape once around the knuckle joint to flatten the joint skin and make ring removal easier.


*  Always cup your hand over the top of the ring if you are pulling hard, to ensure the ring doesn’t go flying off and get lost.


*  If you are removing the ring near the sink, make sure that you have a stopper in the sink so the ring doesn’t go down the drain!  If it can happen, it will happen!

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