5 Ways To Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

You don’t have to let harsh winter temperatures take a chunk out of your living expenses this year.  Here are five ways to reduce your heating bills in the cold season.


Open and Clean the Vents 
Make sure all of your heating vents are opened and clean.  Dust clogs your ventilation system and also compromises your home’s air quality, as it blows dust into the room every time you switch your heat on.  Yuck!  Be sure to check every heating vent in the house, and make sure the filter is also clean and in good shape.  Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle to remove dust from any dirty vents.


Turn Down the Thermostat
If you are away from home all day, set your thermostat lower or turn it off completely.  Trust us, your cat won’t freeze to death in eight hours unless you’re into the minus temperatures outside.  If necessary, you can automatically start heating an hour before you get home.  You might also consider turning the heating thermostat down five degrees at night and opt for layers of blankets instead. 


Use Furniture and Décor to Your Advantage
Don’t block the vent with furniture or carpeting.  Allow enough room for heating circulation.  You could also use a ceiling fan to help distribute the heat.  Curtains, shades and even door covers can also be helpful for heating.  Heavy door covers can provide better insulation, while curtains and shades can be opened to allow in more sunlight. 


Winterize Your Windows
Winterize your windows to maximize heating.  This process involves fixing cracks, repairing insulation or buying specially made conservation windows.  Get a nice thick pair of curtains to replace your flimsy old plastic blinds or shutters, and you’ll save even more money and help prevent drafts at the same time.


Service Your Home’s Heating Furnace
Always have your furnace inspected by your local gas company at the start of the winter.  A simple repair could save you up to 10% of normal heating costs!


Keep these heating tips in mind as the winter wind chills this season, and the thought of all the money you’re saving will help keep you warm.

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