Build Your Own Customized Storage Cubbies for Organization

The first step in creating your own storage cubbies is determining the size that you need to have. Measure the area where you will put the storage cubbies so you know that it will fit when completed. Determine the approximate size of the cubbies themselves. This will give you the basic dimensions you need so you can gather the wood you need to build.


You will need backing, the top and bottom, as well as the dividers and shelves to make the storage cubbies. If you have the tools at your house, you will be able to cut the wood you need for your storage cubbies on your own. Double-check all of your measurements. If you don’t own any woodworking tools, see if a friend or family member has some tools you can borrow, or have the folks at the local home improvement or hardware store cut the wood for you.


You can use a hammer and nail to put the storage cubbies together, or if you have the knowhow, you may want to use sunken screws. If you are going to paint the storage cubbies, you might want to choose a color that matches the rest of the room where they are going to be. You can get very creative with the storage cubbies.


One of the advantages of building your own storage cubbies rather than buying the pre-made is that you will be able to build them in whatever dimensions you need. The storage cubbies you will find in most stores come in certain sizes, and they may not work for you.


Now that you know the basics of how to start your cubbies, you can begin creating your own and get organized!

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