Cleaning and Removing Candle Wax is Easy With These Simple Tips

Candles are great for many different occasions. You can have a relaxing evening at home with a loved one. You can have light when a storm knocks out the power. You can celebrate a birthday. However, wax can often get onto different objects around the house, and it can be a pain to get off if you don’t know how. Here are some tips to help you remove candle wax from different items.


If candle wax dripped onto the tablecloth or your clothing, getting it out is simple. Take an ice cube and hold it on the candle wax. This will freeze it and make it brittle. You can then use a business card or blunt knife to scrape much of the candle wax away. To remove the remaining candle wax stain, place a piece of thin cardboard or other absorbent paper below the cloth and one above. Use an iron to heat the cardboard on the top. This will melt any remaining candle wax and it will adhere to the cardboard below.


To remove candle wax from wooden furniture, you will again want to freeze the wax to make it brittle. A credit card or paint scraper can work to remove much of the candle wax. When it is removed, you can use furniture polish to make sure that the rest of the candle wax comes away from the wood.


These are the most common ways to remove wax from wood and cloth. The freezing method will work great with a variety of other surfaces as well, including vinyl and linoleum.

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