Does Organic Dishwashing Soap Work as Well as Regular Soap?

There are many different dishwashing soaps and detergents on the shelves at the supermarket.  There are soaps that will make your hands feel smoother and soaps that can heal damage that has already been done to your hands.


The number of detergents might be even more plentiful.  There are detergents that will just wash your clothes and laundry detergents that will completely bleach your clothes.  Did you know that both of these products are actually available in a healthier and organic form?


That’s right!  Just like you can buy milk, cheese, and other products that are organic, you can also purchase dishwashing soap and detergent with the same properties.  However, products like this are more likely to be expensive, right?  So, should you buy them or leave them sitting on store shelves?


Why Organic Soaps Are Safer


Natural dishwashing soaps and detergents are actually better for you.  Regular soaps are full of harmful toxins because they contain synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, silicones, acrylates, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms.  These are only a few of the many harmful ingredients that make up your dish soap. 


Moreover, did you know that formaldehyde has been associated with cancer?  That is the last thing that you want to wash your family dishes in!


Foam builders and coloring agents can also be incredibly bad for you, but they’re not even really needed to ensure cleanliness.  Your dishes could be thoroughly cleaned without ever using any of these items!


Some of the harmful effects associated with non-organic dish soaps are rashes, breakdown of the skin, chafing, and skin irritation.  Washing dishes tends to dry your hands out enough without worrying about these harmful side effects.


Why Organic Materials Are Better For the Environment


Don’t let the fact that you own a nice, sturdy pair of dishwashing gloves keep you using your old dishwashing soap because it’s not just bad for your hands.  When the contaminated water goes down the drain, the toxins contained in the non-organic dishwashing liquid soak into the soil.  These toxins harm the fish we eat and they even harm wild land animals when they drink from streams and groundwater ponds.


If you’re thinking that it might be time for you to switch over to a special dish detergent, you’re making a decision that is not only good for your skin, but good for our planet as well.  Choosing between detergents that are synthetic and those that are organic can be tough.  You should look for detergents and soaps that have been “organically certified.”

How to Make the Choice


Like other products, however, companies can create soaps that appear to be something they’re not.  You’ll need to carefully read soap and detergent labels before you make your purchase to be sure you’re purchasing something that is authentic.


You should always avoid purchasing products with labels that say things such as “warning” or “danger”.  If you come into contact with any of these words, you’ll know you’re looking at a product that is not only non-organic, but unhealthy.  Instead, choose healthy, plant-based organic dishwashing products that contain olive oil and coconut oil.


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