Dog Training 101: How to Train Your Dog to Dance

Training your dog to dance is a fairly simple and fun trick to perform and watch.  Smaller dogs will have a much easier time doing this.  Be careful if your dog has a big chest or is a heavier breed, as standing on their hind legs can injure their hips or back.
First, teach your dog how to sit and stand.  You can learn these tricks by reading some of the previous articles, or by taking your pup to a basic dog obedience school.


Step 1:

Go to a quiet enclosed area, as this trick should be done without a leash.  When he is sitting, hold a treat in your hand above his nose.  Make sure he can’t get to this.   Place your other hand under his chest and stand him up.  If he already knows how to stand, you can use your ‘Stand’ command.


Step 2:

When your dog is on his hind legs, spin your hand in a circle above his head.  The dog should follow the treat with his nose and his legs should turn with him.  You may need to make him stand a few times in order for him to get comfortable and balanced.


Step 3:

While your dog is spinning, say ‘Dance’ firmly and loudly.  He will begin to associate the word with the treat and the action just like all other tricks.  


Step 4:


When your dog comes back down, you can give him the treat.  Say ‘Good dog!’ and pet him enthusiastically.  Repeat these steps multiple times.


Step 5:

Eventually, you will not need to have a treat in your hand.  Continue doing the hand motions, leading your dog in both clockwise and counter clockwise circles.  Let him follow your hand forward and backwards too.
This trick is difficult to do without hand motions, but if you do it many times, your dog will eventually get used to performing based on your voice.  Patience again is extremely important.  If you or your dog are getting frustrated, take a break and feed him, or have him do some other tricks.
Eventually, your dog will be able to dance!  Mine can dance better than many of my friends, which is either really good for my dog…. or really bad for my friends.

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