Festive Thanksgiving Decorations for Outside the Home

Decorating the outside of your house and your garden for Thanksgiving allows you to share the warm spirit of the holiday with your neighbors, and greet your guests with festive cheer. Here area  few fun, simple and cheap ideas to get you in the mood.

You could purchase a wreath to hang on your front door, but making your own is much more fun. Create your wreath and other outdoor decorations with a wire frame wrapped in fall leaves, sprigs of berries. You can even weave dried weeds or flowers into interesting shapes and add seasonal plants such as holly.

If you plan ahead, you can save pumpkins from Halloween to use as outdoor decorations for Thanksgiving. Store one large and several mini-pumpkins in a dry, cool place such as the refrigerator to preserve. Scoop out the big pumpkin to use as a planter. Place a pot of festive chrysanthemums inside. Make one or more of these unique decorations for your porch doorway entrance. For mini-pumpkins, scoop them out then carve an opening in one side. Place LED tea lights inside, then use as luminaries. Place these charming decorations on your porch steps, along your walkway or around your larger pumpkin planter.

Scarecrows make wonderful outdoor decorations for Thanksgiving. Start by stuffing an old pillow case with straw, then make a face with buttons, yarn or even dried berries stuck on with glue. Use old clothes to dress your scarecrow. Create hair from straw, yarn or even corn husks. Top off with an old straw hat and set your scarecrow on a bale of hay on your porch or near your entranceway.

Small touches like a new autumn-themed welcome mat at your door and window dressings will also go a long way toward enhancing your outdoor decorations. Your children will love helping you create these fun decorations!

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