Five Tips for Raising a Happy Pit Bull Terrier

Pit bull terriers can be wonderful pets for any household.  While they may have a reputation as a bully breed, a well trained pit terrier can be the best dog for almost any household, with or without children.  Most of the stories about aggressive pits are actually about dogs that have been poorly trained, badly brought up or abused.  Here are five tips for keeping your pit bull terrier happy.

Play With Your Dog

A pit bull terrier has a lot of energy.  And by that we mean a lot! To keep your pit happy, provide ample exercise as well as mental stimulation such as toys, tasks and treats that require the dog to work for his or her reward.  Obedience training can be perfect for this.

Offer Attention
The pit bull terrier is a very loyal and devoted animal.  If you want your dog to be happy, reward this loyalty with at least two hours a day of quality time together each day. If you can’t spare that much time (in the form of a daily walk or play session, with some training thrown in), then do not purchase a pit bull.

Enjoy Nature
Pits are exceptionally agile dogs, and they need to be able to romp and play.  Consider a hike in the woods, a swim at the lake, or even a game of Frisbee.  Your dog will love the exercise as well as the time with you!


As much as your pit loves you, he or she will also love the company of other dogs.   If you have a single pet household, consider a doggie daycare or frequent visits to the dog park to allow your pet to socialize. Introduce a pit puppy to the concept of ‘other dogs’ as soon as possible. Unsocialized pits may react badly to new dogs if raised alone with no socialization. 

Be Dominant
As strange as it sounds, a happy pit bull terrier is one that knows his or her place in the household.  Establish your place in the food chain and be certain that your children do the same.  Your pit will be happy to not be the pack master, and knowing that you are the provider and master leaves your dog free to just be loyal and loving.

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