Harmful Household Products and the Health of Your Family
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As the person who has the primary responsibility for keeping your house clean and your family healthy, you may be wondering how the household products that you use for cleaning affect the health of you and your children. The truth is that many household products contain chemicals that are harmful for your health. Even some household products that claim to be green contain these chemicals. Your best option is just to make your cleaning supplies yourself!

Many household products that are traditionally used to keep the house clean contain carcinogens. These are compounds that have been shown to cause cancer. Sometimes the proof only goes as far as animal studies, but that’s enough to show us that these chemicals in household products are dangerous for humans, too. Carcinogens can directly affect the air quality in your home, making it a more dangerous place to live.

Phosphates are found in all sorts of household products, including the things you put on your body to get it clean! These can be washed into the water supply. Phosphates are a huge cause of water pollution and the death of aquatic life. They directly affect your health in many ways, too, especially if you come into direct contact with household products that contain them.

Many household products for cleaning also contain Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. VOCs like methane can react with nitrogen and the sun to create ozone and other greenhouse gases. When inhaled, VOCs actually can cause asthma or increase irritation for those who are already struggling with respiratory problems.

All of these chemicals in everyday household products can affect your health and the health of your whole family. It’s best for everyone involved if you clean the green and natural way instead!

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