Home Design Ideas for the College Student How to Decorate on a Budget

When you’re getting set for college, money can be tight. There are some great home design tips that can help you decorate your new college home without spending a fortune. Perhaps one of the most important things to remember is to use a little creativity to re-purpose things that might not be used anymore.

If your mom has tons of old dish towels or hand towels that she’s ready to throw out, you can use them in home design. Home design isn’t always about spending money; in fact, some of the best tips don’t cost a thing. Hand towels and dish towels can be twisted and sewn together to create a cute and unique bathroom rug. You can even sew together several towels to create a throw to add some flair to a dull piece of furniture.

If you’re facing dorm room living, storage is key. Old milk crates, baskets lined with fabric, and wire baskets make great storage containers, and they don’t cost a fortune. You might even be able to find some old milk crates at the local market that are being thrown away. Home design can be a fun way to get your creativity flowing.

You can also use paint to change the look of old furniture from home. Chairs, tables, and dressers can be painted creatively to add a new touch to your home design for college life.

With money so tight as you start your new life, it’s important to remember that some great home design ideas don’t cost a thing.


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