Home Improvement: Installing a Bathroom Shower Head

When you are looking for more power in your shower, more options when it comes to water flow patterns, or you just want to stop an annoying leaky shower head, it is time for some home improvement.  Installing a new wall mounted shower head isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some great tips to help you make it happen.

The first thing to do in this home improvement project is to take off the old shower head.  Use a wrench to grab the flat spots on your old shower head’s base and turn counter clockwise.  Remove any debris from the threads.  Then, wrap white thread tape (plumber’s tape) around the threads in a clockwise direction.  Press the tape firmly onto the threads and get ready for the next part of your home improvement project.

The next step is to install your new shower head.  If there is a rubber washer, insert it into the shower head, and if not, simply omit this step.  Now put the shower head into place, turning clockwise and hand tightening as much as possible. 


Turn the shower on and ensure that there are no leaks.  If there are, tighten a little more by hand or very gently with your wrench.  When this is done, your home improvement project is complete.

Installing a new shower head in your bathroom is an easy home improvement project that can make shower time much more enjoyable, with very little work.

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