How to Best Clean Carpet Stains With Household Products

One of the most important household products to have is a good stain-fighting solution for your carpet. However, if you don’t have any products immediately handy, all is not lost. All you have to know is how to deal with a stain right away so that the long term consequences aren’t too expensive.  The following is a simply way to fight carpet stains using standard household products.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

Seconds can literally make all the difference between whether or not you end up with a permanent carpet stain. This is why it’s important to have a few rags that you don’t mind using to soak up a liquid which has spilled on your carpet. Keep these rags where you can access them quickly, perhaps where your standard cleaning products are.

Press, Don’t Scrub

When you apply your rag to clean up a carpet spill, press on it and apply pressure to soak up the liquid, don’t scrub. If you attempt to scrub out a liquid, you just grind it into the carpet and the stain forms almost instantly. For best results, lay the cloth over the liquid and press down or stand on it to soak up the liquid.

Use Stain Neutralizing Products

You can get simple stain remover products or neutralizer products, and keep these products with your stain cleaning towels. Just remember that as you apply stain remover products, you don’t want to scrub the spot. Use pressure to soak up the liquid, then remove that towel and use a fresh one to apply the stain remover products.

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