How to Build a Basic Barbecue Utensil Set

Barbecuing can be a fun outdoor activity, as well as a great way to impress your friends and family with some delicious home-cooked food. In order to properly barbecue, there are a few essential barbecue utensils that you must have, so don’t skimp on the basics and you’ll find you’re able to barbecue even on a limited budget.

To start with, remember that certain types of foods on the grill require specific types of utensils. One of the essential barbecue utensils that you simply cannot do without is a set of grilling tongs. Tongs can be used for turning meat when you do not wish to pierce the skin of the meat. Stabbing a steak or a pork chop with a fork or skewer will cause the juices to escape, drying out the meat. Tongs are most commonly used for grilling chicken, which tends to fall apart when picked up.

A broad spatula is also considered to be one of the barbecue utensils you must have for proper grilling. Spatulas are excellent for moving meats around on the grill without worrying that you will drop them into the ashes. Spatulas are a must have-for grilling hamburgers.


A set of must-have barbecue utensils should also include a barbecue fork. The barbecue fork should be long enough so that you can easily lift up as well as turn foods on the grill without being burned. Barbecue forks are great for toasting items such as vegetables, and for making Smores for dessert, once everyone has finished eating.

Basting brushes also fall into the category of must-have barbecue utensils. They can be particularly helpful for spreading sauces on the various meats as they grill. It’s a good idea to have several brushes on hand if you plan on using many different sauces on your meat.

Finally, no set of barbecue utensils would be complete without a grill brush or scraper for keeping your grill clean between uses. Using a scraper will ensure your grill is clean and hygienic each time you want to use it, while also prolonging the life of your grill.

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