How to Choose a Suitable Color for Your New Carpet

Carpet can make a room a cozy, fun place to be, or be an unattractive eyesore, depending on your choices in color, texture and material. Where colors and other questions are concerned, carpeting can be a big decision in personal taste. You may want to purchase carpet that matches the already-existing décor in a given room, or you may want to adjust the décor to fit the carpeting. Either way, the color will be one of the most important choices you make when you decide between options at the carpet store.

Carpet colors that are neutral and subdued are usually the best choices for most modern rooms. No matter what you choose to do with the room after it is installed, it will likely match the environment well. When you’re looking at colors, think about the future of the room. A bright red carpet, for instance, may only be fun until you get sick of having the room carpeted such a bold way. Look for neutral tones that can compliment a wide variety of color schemes and you’ll have more options in terms of your future decorating choices.

Once you’ve chosen your carpet and had it installed, now is a good time to brush up on your carpet-cleaning regime. Carpet cleaning is very important and needs to be done more often than most people make the effort. Carpet will collect dust and debris over the years, and there is no way to actually get all of it out.


A thorough monthly cleaning with a thorough vacuum followed by a good quality carpet shampooing machine can reduce the volume of dust and other pollutants in the carpet, and make the room more healthy. Especially if you have pets, make sure to rent a carpet cleaner every few months and to give your carpet a good washing. This will greatly extend the life of the carpet.

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