How to Clean Chrome

Chrome trim on your car, truck, van or motorcycle looks great, but it also requires that you do some pretty specific things to keep it looking good.  So what are the best ways to clean chrome without spending a fortune at the hardware store?  Actually, caring for your chrome starts long before it gets to needing a deep clean – regular minor cleanings and toweling it dry will help to keep it looking great year in and year out.


The best method for cleaning chrome is to just use soap and water.  If you have not neglected your chrome, this is really all you will ever need to do, apart from the occasional waxing.  Of course, make sure that you wash the metal with a soft cloth, and never use abrasive cleaners or cloths/pads on it.  Scratches can lead directly to rust and then you have a serious problem.


If there is dirt that soap and water will not remove, you can step up your cleaning efforts on that chrome.  You can use a bit of white vinegar on a soft rag to help clean.  Vinegar is very acidic; it can take tarnish off chrome, as well as road gunk.  However, if you have rust showing through, you will need to take some other steps.


If you have rust on your chrome, get a bit of aluminum foil and crumple it into a ball.  Dip this into the vinegar and use medium force to clean the rust.  If the vinegar is not cutting it, try using Coke or Pepsi.  Once the metal is clean, make sure that you dry it completely.

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