How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

If you have beautiful diamond jewelry, you want to be certain that it is always lustrous, shiny, and well cared for.  This means always knowing which products to use as well as how to clean the diamond itself.  Here are some tips to keep your diamonds in the best shape possible.

While diamonds may be known for being extremely hard, you can’t just use any cleanser or chemical to clean them.  Your diamonds most likely have protective coatings on them that can be damaged by the wrong products and cleaning methods.  Because of this, it is best to use a mild dish soap to clean your jewelry.  Simply soak the jewelry in dish soap and water, clean it with a soft bristled toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly, and then dry it with a soft, lint free cloth.

If you wear your diamond jewelry around the house, such as if you have a diamond engagement ring, you may want to consider using gloves whenever working with household cleaners.  Chlorine and other chemicals can be incredibly bad for diamonds, causing them to discolor or mottle.  You may want to seriously consider removing the ring whenever you are in a swimming pool.  Leave it at home so you won’t have to leave it in a public locker. This will help prevent chlorine damage so that your jewelry will last longer and look more brilliant.

Diamonds are not fragile, but the coatings on them certainly are.  Proper care and cleaning is essential for lustrous and long lasting diamonds.  Always be certain, however, that you choose a cleaning method that is suitable for the weakest part of your jewelry.  If your ring has other gemstones besides diamonds, find a cleaner that is gentle enough for everything and you will find that your jewelry lasts much longer.

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