How to Clean Your Kitchen Thoroughly

There is a right way and a wrong way to clean your kitchen.  Listed below are tips that you can use when you are going to clean your kitchen using household cleaning products.


One of the first places you should start cleaning is in your cabinets.  You will want to remove all of the items from each cabinet and thoroughly wash the inside.  Once the area is dry, return all of your plates, cups and pots to their appropriate place.  You should also take the time to wipe down the tops of your cabinets to remove any dust buildup.

Small Appliances

The next step is to clean your appliances.  You should sanitize the tops and bottoms of each appliance and set them somewhere else to dry.  This will free up the space on your countertop.


You will then want to wash and sanitize your countertop thoroughly.  This will ensure that germs and bacteria have been removed.  Once this task is completed, you can return the small appliances to their rightful position in your kitchen.


After cleaning the cabinets, appliances and countertop, you can sweep your floor.  Once that has been completed, wash the floor and let it dry completely. 

Using household cleaning supplies is important in the kitchen.  By following the steps above, you can effectively sanitize your kitchen, and leave it sparkling clean. 

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