How to Create a Homemade Mother’s Day Bouquet

For some time, a flower bouquet has been a traditional gift for mothers on Mother’s Day.  These days, a Mother’s Day bouquet is made in many unique and creative ways, from candy bouquets to silk flower bouquets.  Instead of spending a fortune on a professional flower service from a florist, we will focus on making your own traditional bouquet.


First, you will need a vase.  This will be a part of the gift that your mother will be able to use for many years to come and remember your thoughtfulness by.  You will also need a sturdy pair of flower stem cutters or similar tool, a knife to strip flowers of their stems or thorns, and string such as raffia to hold the flowers together.


Fortunately, Mother’s Day falls at a time of year when flowers are plentiful and healthy.  Whether you are picking wild flowers or buying your flowers at a local farmers’ market for the bouquet, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to put together something your mother will love.  The prices of professionally-made bouquets will seem quite ridiculous when you learn how cheap flowers are when you buy them individually.


Mix and match flowers in a way that you find beautiful and that reflects the personality of your mother.  Consider how she has decorated her home, whether very colorful, or soft and tranquil, and allow your bouquet to match.  Bright colors such as yellows and oranges will compliment a warm, vibrant mother who loves to laugh, and red is a great color for a Mom who is romantic and idealistic.  Pinks and whites go together great and are better for an older mother who is very sentimental.


When you are ready to begin making your bouquet, take your knife and carefully strip the lower leaves and any thorns from the flowers.  Cut about an inch off the bottom of the stems, at a slight slant. This lets more water up into the flowers. Cut a third of the flowers a half inch shorter than the rest. Arrange the flowers in your upright fist as though it were a vase, smaller flowers in the front, surrounding the larger ones.


Once you are happy with the flower arrangement, tie it together with the raffia or other string.  Fill the vase halfway up with water, gently place the bouquet in the vase, and your bouquet is ready to present to your mother as a beautiful way to show your love!  Add a half spoonful of plain table sugar to ‘feed’ the flowers and they’ll last longer.  Add a gift card or miniature balloon (available from most party supply stores) to complete the bouquet.

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