How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece With a Cornucopia

If there is one option for a Thanksgiving centerpiece that stands out more than others, it is a cornucopia.  This traditional image of fall can be integrated into your Thanksgiving decorating quite easily, and you can make it your own in a number of ways.  Here’s a simple way to add a cornucopia centerpiece to your table.


First, you need to make a trip to the craft store.  Here, you can buy Thanksgiving cornucopias in a variety of styles and materials.  You will find wicker options, as well as ceramic and many other types.  Choose one that appeals to you, and that will look good with fall foliage and fruit within it.


Next, to make a Thanksgiving cornucopia, you want to choose seasonal contents for that “horn of plenty”.  It is best to stick with seasonal items, as mentioned.  One of the best choices is to fill it with miniature gourds and baby pumpkins, though you can also use fruit, as well.  However, remember that your Thanksgiving cornucopia doesn’t really need to be full to bursting to look good.


Arrange the contents of the cornucopia near the mouth, with some of it spilling out to the table.  This gives it the connotation of being filled to overflowing, the hallmark of the horn of plenty.  To fill in gaps in your contents, you can add colorful fall foliage or flowers – either silk or the real thing. 


You have now completed an amazing Thanksgiving centerpiece that offers beauty and style.

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