How to Create More Space in Your Bedroom

It is easy for a bedroom to become a storage area if you aren’t careful. You might have books, magazines, and various other items stacked throughout your bedroom on shelves, dressers, or even on the floor. Many people move their belongings from other areas of the house to the bedroom when they are cleaning, and soon the room can look like a disaster area.


Here are five tips can help you to keep your bedroom clean and organized, and to help you save space.

First, make sure that you keep all of your clothing off the floor. After you do laundry, put your clothes away as soon as they are out of the dryer. Use hooks to hang belts, ties, and other items that have no other place to go. Even a simple nail in the wall, hidden inside a closet, can give you extra storage space to hang belts or bags if you have no hooks available.

In the closet, separate your clothes by season. Keep your winter clothes in storage bins during the summer months and vice versa. You can store the bins in a hallway closet, the garage, or the basement. This will give you more space in your bedroom closet.

You should consider buying a nightstand that also has storage space. You will be able to store various items that would remain on the floor otherwise. You can also use space under your bed for storage if you purchase some flat drawers with rollers on the bottom.

A small bookshelf in one corner of the bedroom will help you keep your nightly reading material organized. The top of the bookshelf is perfect for jewelry boxes.

Lastly, add some shelves around the bedroom to keep other items off the floor and the tops of dressers. You can get news shelves in any hardware store, or even make your own. These tips should help you save plenty of space in your bedroom.

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