How to Decorate to Create a Beach Theme

Are you looking for a way to make your living room or sun room feel warmer this winter?  Have you ever considered a beach theme?  When you have a heater going and your room is filled with shells and other beach style décor, it can be easy to envision yourself in the tropics, sunning yourself and having a great time.

Creating a beach theme can be a surprisingly easy home improvement job.  You can find shells in many discount and craft stores and even at many dollar stores.  Using painted shells as décor can help set the mood quite easily.  Of course, color matters too, and a white room or even a sea green or blue room can help create the tranquil beach atmosphere you are looking for.  If you don’t want to paint the entire room, consider throw rugs and accent pillows in these colors.

Another great way to create a beach theme in your room is to purchase tropical paintings or beach themed artwork.  A lovely aquarium of brightly colored tropical fish can add a surprising amount of beauty and calm to a room as well.  You will find that your options are almost limitless.  What is it that you remember most when you think of a trip to the beach?  Find a way to incorporate it into your room, either literally or through the use of color and artwork and you are halfway there. 

Taking the time to really plan out the room and to decorate around your idea is certainly worthwhile, and can turn any space into a lovely beach that you can relax in while thinking warm thoughts.

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