How to Disassemble and Clean a Chandelier

One of the reasons that people decide to add a chandelier to their home as lighting is because it can add a touch of elegance to the room. They are beautiful and often intricate pieces of hardware that border on artwork. While they are certainly nice to look at, a chandelier does have some problems. Primarily, a chandelier can be a nightmare to clean!

Rather than simply cleaning with a dust rag or a sponge, disassembling and cleaning the entire unit will give a deeper, more thorough clean. The following tips will help ensure that you have a nice, clean chandelier in no time.

The first thing you are going to need is a flat surface where you will be able to lay all of the parts. You also need to have a stepladder to reach the chandelier.

If there are lights on the chandelier, make sure that they are switched off and have had time to cool. Take a few digital photos of the chandelier so you know what it looks like and where the pieces go. Next, disassemble it piece by piece and place each part onto the flat surface.

Once it is disassembled, clean the base of the unit and then each piece individually. Use warm water with some mild dish soap for solid pieces, and a spritz of glass cleaner for pieces that are not watertight or waterproof.


After they are clean and dry, you can then polish them with a soft cloth and reassemble the chandelier. Use the pictures you took earlier if you need a reminder of where each of the pieces belongs.

Voila! Now enjoy the beauty of your clean chandelier. 

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