How to Eliminate Electronic Mess With Cord Organizers

Unfortunately, the entire world hasn’t gone wireless yet. Cord organization is still important to anyone who has a home computer, stereo equipment or a television. No matter how many products go wireless, electrical cord organization will still be important. Keeping a good cord organization scheme going will extend the life of your electronic products and reduce a lot of stress when you need to move something around.

Cord organization keeps your electronics safe. When you tug on a cord that’s looped around several other cords, you’re likely pulling directly on the junction between the electronic device and that cord. This can damage the device and, when cords are pulled loose, replacement is usually necessary. Damaged electrical terminals are also a big fire hazard.


Cord organization starts with how you lay your equipment out. Keep the cords in mind when you do this, and be sure you have the right products to help.

Cord organization products include zip ties and clamps, which can be bought from any electronics store. These devices allow you to bundle the cords together so that they don’t end up winding around each other and creating a knot of cords.


Cord organization for a long length of cable can be done using plastic tubing that you pass the cords through. This protects the cords and eliminates a significant trip hazard, in some cases.


Cord organization also includes being picky about where you choose to plug everything in. Make sure that power strips are arranged neatly and that there is no tension on the cords plugged into the strip. If there is, you risk creating an electrical fire hazard that may cause far worse problems than a case of messy, unorganized cords behind your devices.

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