How to Have an Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day

We only have one earth and it’s of paramount importance that we do everything we can to keep it thriving every day throughout the year. This eco-friendly mentality shouldn’t stop on holidays. So, this Valentine’s Day, try to think more green instead of red.


Many couples opt to eat out at a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day, but it’s pricey for you and for our planet. On the way to the restaurant, your car’s exhaust pollutes the air. Moreover, who knows what kind of growth hormones or chemicals are in that expensive meal? This year, avoid the hit to your wallet by making your sweetheart a delicious meal at home. Hit your neighborhood Farmer’s Market and make sure the meats and veggies you use are organic and locally grown, and you can enjoy yourself knowing that you’re doing your bit to help local farmers.


Millions and millions of greetings cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day, but not all of them are eco-friendly. Give the important person in your life a Valentine’s Day card through email, or pick one made from recycled paper.


Something else non eco-friendly that’s enjoyed on Valentine’s Day is Champagne! Love birds adore sipping on the bubbly, but if that bottle is imported, it took a lot of aircraft fuel to get it to your table. Try wine from a vineyard nearby, instead. It’ll probably be less expensive, and it’s an eco-friendly alternative.


You can have a wonderful and special Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank and harming the environment. Choose to be eco-friendly this year. Your planet will thank you for it!

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