How to Have Fun While Doing the Laundry (Yes, Really!)

It’s amazing how many wonderful inventions have come about in the last 100 years that are solely created to make life easier and certain tasks less time consuming.  And yet we still manage to complain and grumble about having to do these tasks, even though these inventions have made convenience in life a necessity instead of a luxury!


The Never-Ending Chore


One task in particular that tends to garner a reaction more suitable for someone undergoing a root canal is that of the weekly laundry.In most households, that there is always a never-ending pile of dirty wash.  No matter how many loads you do in a day, there will still be more when you wake up tomorrow.  Which obviously has truth to it unless everyone decides to adapt the nudist’s way of life, because no matter if you finish all of the wash one day you will eventually wear more clothes the next.


So if you want to make the most out of your time spent doing the laundry, you’ll have to change your perspective.  Either you come to terms with the fact that laundry will always be there, or you join a nudist colony.  We’re just kidding, but seriously – those are your options.


Sign of the Times


Not more then 60 some odd years ago did most Americans do their laundry via a tub of water and a washboard.  They scrubbed their daily wears and unmentionables on the floor of their very own kitchen and it took hours.  I don’t know about you, but I am quite happy that era of living has passed me by.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the invention of the washer and dryer and the more I envision myself leaning over a washboard for hours each day developing a permanent prune on the tips of my fingers, I can so easily see the fun that laundry in the 21st century might hold.


You might be thinking, “Fun?  However could one have fun while doing laundry?”  Well, step one is reminding yourself how much worse it could be with a tub and a washboard at your disposal.  Oh, and don’t forget that rubber gloves haven’t been invented yet.  Once you have sufficiently grasped the horror of that proposed situation we can move on to the physical logistics.


Take Your Mind Off the Matter With Music


For starters, I always like to have my favorite music playing in the background.  On laundry days I have a special playlist that I put on my iPod, to specifically place me in the happiest mental mood possible.  Not to mention that the music generally gets me to move and grove while doing the sorting and folding, therefore counting s a workout (do you see where this is heading?).  And if I happen to burn a few more calories while doing one of the world’s most hated chores, then I am all the better because of it.


Alternatively, if you are too tired for dancing then you can turn this period of time into your Talk Show hour, depending upon the pile you have to conquer.  Sort your laundry in front of the TV, or fold in front of a good movie.  Why waste your precious time just watching TV when you could be multitasking?


Discover the Delights of Line Drying


Next, whenever possible I like to mix in a little old with the new.  Line drying your clothes can be one of the most therapeutic chores ever.  It may seem an archaic way of the past, but it has many benefits.  First it’s great for all of your dedicates or any items that require hang drying, and means less wear and tear on your clothes.  Have you seen the great ball of lint that you have to pull from your drier’s lint-trap?  What that ball means with that your newly dried clothing is now that much thinner and closer to wearing out!


It also means you get a little sunshine in your day, and who doesn’t enjoy some extra vitamin D exposure?  I suggest making a wonderful batch of iced tea with a couple of mint leaves.  Then saunter out into the backyard and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze, all the while completing another item on that to-do list.


Pace Yourself


Lastly, and most important when it comes to adding fun into the dark abyss of never-ending laundry – spread it out.  Don’t try and complete 20 loads of laundry in one day because very little happiness can be found in such a task, no matter the abundance of sunshine or good music.


Any person can tell you that the best way to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed with any certain task is to not let it pile up. Do a little here and there and you will find that the once daunting and hated chore has now become a welcome escape.


And if all else fails you can always hire someone to do your laundry for you.  There are many laundry service companies available in most towns and cities who both pick up and drop off your laundry from your house, giving you back all those once-lost hours.  That will definitely make it more fun.



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