How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Home improvement projects can be a simple way to make a huge difference in the appearance and future value of your home.  Installing a ceiling fan is a process that is a relatively simple project and something that almost anyone can do without calling a handyman


Choose the appropriate style of fan and the size you need for the room it’ll be installed in, and be sure to have someone spot you if you use a ladder. Let’s begin….


Turn the Power Off


Before you can install the new ceiling fan, you’ll first need to remove the old fixture.  The key to staying safe while working on any electrical home improvement projects is to always turn off any power to the fixture before you get started.


Attach Mounting Bracket


Once the power is off, you can begin this project by removing the old fixture.  Now, you’re ready to begin installation of your new fixture.  The first thing you’ll want to do is to attach the mounting bracket to the electrical box.  Like all home improvement tasks, it’s important to check instructions when installing your ceiling fan. 


Attach the Wires


Now you can move on to attaching the wires of the ceiling fan.  This can be intimidating at first to newcomers to the world of home improvement, but you can easily use the color coding system to attach the wires correctly. 


Once the wiring is complete, you can attach the fan motor to the mounting bracket.  There should be screws provided with your new ceiling fan, making it easy to complete this phase of the fan-installing project. 



If your fan came with a remote, be sure to adjust it and put in new batteries.  Test it out, and put it in a place that is easily accessible.


See it Work


Now you’re ready to turn the power back on to see if your ceiling fan is working properly.  In just a few short steps, you’ve completed a home improvement project that will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to all family members in years to come.

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