How to Install a Pet Door Yourself

If you have a dog or cat that you need to give free rein to go outside without having to be constantly let in and out, you will find that a pet door is the perfect option.  It is a fairly simple home improvement job, but you will find that it requires precision, a bit of hard work, and the right tools.  Here is how you can tackle this home improvement job yourself.

Installing a pet door can be a short job, but whether you are installing it on an external door or one that simply leads to the basement or another room in your home makes a big difference in the time burden of installation, and in the initial financial outlay. 


Installing a pet door that leads outside requires you to choose a steel or sheet metal door that will seal well and offer better insulation to prevent heat and cold transfer.  You may want to pick one with a magnetic latch so that it doesn’t blow open and stay open, letting cold air into your house.  On the other hand, a less expensive plastic door will work well for indoor use.  You will also need to make sure both lock securely in case you go on vacation or away for the weekend.  A large dog door with a flimsy latch is an open invitation for a burglar to break into your home in your absence.

When you have the right door selected, you need to very carefully measure the spot where the door will be installed, ensuring that it lines up perfectly on both sides.  When this part of your home improvement project is done, use a saw to cut out the exact shape you need, taking care to follow the lines that you have marked.  


Next, the pet door can be easily fitted over the space.  Most doors will then be held in place by four screws, with one in each corner.  You can also use epoxy glue to seal the frame tightly in place and hold it flush to the wood.  With the frame in place, you need to simply attach the door itself to the frame.   

This is a great home improvement task, and one that will leave you feeling confident in your DIY skills.

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