How to Install a Security Screen Door

Do you find yourself wanting more fresh air in your home, but worry that a screen door is not secure enough?  Today, we will examine a few home repair tips to help you install a security screen door.  With a few tools and someone to help out, this can be a simple home repair project.

The first step in this home repair project is to measure all four sides of the door frame.  Buying the right size security screen door is crucial.  You also want to ensure that you have purchased a door that is secure enough for your needs.  Check the sides that the hinges and handles are on as well to be certain it is going to work for you.

The next home repair step is to check all of the parts and read the instructions thoroughly.  If the handles and locks are not already attached, do so according to the instructions.  Next, attach the hinges and the Z bar. 


When everything is properly assembled, have a friend balance the door in place to ensure that it fits, and drill screws into the molding.  Screw the hinges into place as well.  To make this step of your home repair easier, you can also mark the holes with a pen or marker and sit the door down while making pilot holes. 

When the screws are all in place, the last step in this home repair project is to test the door.  Open and close it and test your locks.  If it swings evenly and the gaps are even, simply attach your expander piece and enjoy the result of your hard work.

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