How to Keep Your Pet Calm During a Fireworks Show

Fireworks are important parts of many events and celebrations – they are let off at New Year, as well as during Fourth of July events, and even weddings.  However, the loud bangs of fireworks can be very stressful for your pet.  What should you know about keeping your pet safe and calm during these celebrations?


Provide Exercise


First, you need to prepare beforehand.  During the day, before the event is scheduled, make sure that you take your pet for a long walk or provide them with plenty of activity so that they are tired out.  If you are able to tire your pet out, chances are good that the fireworks will not bother them as badly as if they are keyed up and full of nervous energy.


Close Blinds/Windows


You should also make sure that you have the blinds drawn and all your windows closed.  The more you are able to insulate your pet from the lights and sounds of the fireworks, the happier your pet will be. 


Another consideration here is to have background noise (something they are used to, like a TV or certain type of music) to help your pet remain as calm as possible.  Make sure that your pet has something to occupy his or her attention – a bone or chew toy from a pet supply store will work wonders.

Keep Indoors


For cats and other pets, simply keeping them indoors can be enough.  Generally, if you have a cat for a pet, you should expect your pet to hide throughout the event.  Your pet will reemerge from their hiding place later, once the excitement has died down and the fireworks are no longer going off.


If worse comes to worst, consider hiring a pet sitter located away from the firework event who will be able to safely host your animal for the evening.

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