How to Make a Fun Child’s Gift Basket for a Special Occasion

While we usually associate gift baskets with Easter, creating a child’s gift basket for a birthday or even for Christmas can be just as enjoyable.  Boys and girls of all ages love discovering what their gift basket holds, and it is often easier to fill a gift basket with lots of fun small items than stressing out trying to choose a single ‘perfect’ present. 


With a few simple suggestions, you will be well on your way to making a creative and exciting gift basket for the child in your life.


To begin with, find a container which best suites the occasion.  For instance, a brightly colored sandcastle bucket is a fun idea for younger boys and girls.  A more sophisticated container, such as artistic pottery or a woven basket, is more suitable for oldser kids.  Teens will appreciate a fun fashion handbag or purse (girls) or a laptop bag (boys).


When creating a child’s gift basket, consider their current interests or hobbies.  For instance, for a young child who loves creating art, you could visit an arts and crafts store, and buy coloring books, a box of crayons, modeling clay, stickers, washable markers, sidewalk chalk, and other art supplies appropriate for their age.  A teenager’s gift basket might include CDs by their favorite bands, make-up, fashion accessories and/ or an iTunes gift card.


Gift baskets can be as expensive or as cheap as your budget allows.  A less expensive basket does not have to compromise on creativity and fun.  You might include one higher end item and surround it with less expensive gifts.  For instance, for a movie-themed gift basket, add a few $5-dollar DVDs, along with some popcorn, cinema candy, and their favorite movie on BluRau as the ‘big present’.  If you want to give them a subscription gift, consider a movie rental service such as Netflix, which will cost you around $8 a month but will supply the little movie buff with unlimited downloadable movies.

Once you’ve created your child’s gift basket, purchase clear or colored plastic, or other preferred material, to wrap it.  Tie it shut with colorful string or ribbon, and accent it with a bow if desired.

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