How To Make Pilgrim Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Do you want to add some fun Thanksgiving table decorations to your home?  If so, then your kids can enjoy this great Pilgrim-themed arts and crafts project.  You need very little in the way of materials, and this Thanksgiving project can be completed in just a short time.  Making a terracotta pot Pilgrim hat is fun and fast with a few items from your local craft store.


You will need some supplies for this Thanksgiving project.  First, you need to have a clay terracotta pot (a planter).  You will also need to have black paint, as well as some black and yellow craft foam.  A white ribbon, glue, paintbrush, scissors and a ruler are also needed. 


The first step in making this Thanksgiving craft is to paint the entire pot black – do this and then allow it to dry.


Next, cut out the brim of the hat from the black craft foam.  Make the circle about a half inch larger in diameter than the pot.  From the yellow craft foam, cut out a small buckle shape.


The next step for your Thanksgiving Pilgrim craft is to cut out a piece of ribbon that is large enough to wrap around the clay pot.  Slide the buckle over the ribbon, just like a real belt buckle.


Glue the ribbon to the pot, at the widest portion (just above the top lip).  Now, take the pot and glue it to the brim that you made from the black foam.  Allow everything to dry.  You have now created a cute Pilgrim hat to use as a Thanksgiving table decoration! 


If you use small pots, you can make several of these Thanksgiving decorations to use on your table.

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