How to Make Your Own Antique Wood Vanities

A beautiful vanity can be the focal point of any bathroom. If you can buy the best vanity possible when you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you’ll set the tone for the entire remodel.


For certain styles of homes, antique wood vanities are a great new style that’s really catching on. They offer all the detailing of antiques, and they make any bathroom look classy, stylish and sophisticated.

The easiest way to find antique wood vanities is to check out a specialty bathroom supply shop. You may not find actual antique wood, but you can find vanities that look like antiques.


If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can actually make your own ‘antique’ vanity. Pick up an antique desk, dresser, or bureau that’s the right size and shape for a vanity. All you have to do to turn these pieces of furniture into bathroom vanities is cut a sink-sized hole in the top and cut out an area in the back for the plumbing to come through.

After all, a vanity cabinet is really just a bottom cabinet with holes for the sink and plumbing! Use your new wooden vanity just like you would use any other vanity. If you want, you can even add marble or granite to the top for a sleek, sophisticated look, and to prevent damage from water and wet spots.

Making your own vanity is an affordable way to get a very elegant and in style look for your bathroom. Try it today!

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