How to Makeover Your Desk

If your office desk is messy and you’re tired of looking at the same old clutter day after day, then you could be feeling depressed at just the sight of it.  The more negative energy sources you keep around you, the more your work quality will be affected.  Don’t lose heart though, there are plenty of ways you can transform your office space at home into a positive environment.


Change the Colors That Surround You


The best way to start a change of scenery is to repaint or re-wallpaper your office room.  This is one of the perks of owning a home office.  If you’re pressed for time or money, you don’t have to redo the whole room, but can just cover the inner walls or the “cubicle” section.  If your office desk is causing you anxiety, recolor it by spray paint or lining its edges with fabric.  You can also redecorate your file cabinets cheaply by covering the faces with decorative fabric and liner.


Clear Your Bulletin Board


Altering your bulletin board can also help revitalize the office.  Remove old and outdated clippings and old pushpins.  Repaint the edges in a more colorful tone, or buy a new, bigger board from an office supply store.  If you really want to get fancy, take apart the office bulletin board and recover the backing in fabric or with heavy textured paper.  Replace the board with postcards, greeting cards and images you find inspiring.  You can also spray paint pushpins for better color coordination.


Remove Too-Personal Items


Next, sit down and go through all the papers you have on your desk.  If you don’t need it in the next couple of days, put it away or buy a proper INBOX/ OUTBOX tray.  Buy some colored folders and create a hanging file system in on of your desk drawers.  If your desk is at work, be aware than any ‘too personal’ items may make you look unprofessional.  Unless your office encourages personal expression and all your co-workers desks are covered in toys, remove all cuddly toys, action figures and ‘funny’ posters.


Keep Your Personal Hygene to Yourself


If you work in a cube in a shared office, be aware that nobody wants to see your personal hygiene items.  Clean out a drawer and make it your ‘me’ drawer – into this drawer should go all medications, hand lotions, nail clippers and the like.  A box of tissues is acceptable if the box is not battered or old.

Add Inspirational Items


Finally, add things that inspire you.  A simple potted plant can make the world of difference and give your desk a whole new feel.  Try some black and white art to add a touch of class, or find and frame a large landscape picture if your cubicle has no view.  A couple of family photographs will make you smile when you look at them – although try not to be ‘that guy’ who has eighteen framed pictures of his dog lining his desk.


With a few strokes of paint, a little clearance and some colorful accessories, your office desk will be a stress-free haven!

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