How to Properly Space the Plants in Your Garden

There are many different aspects that go into gardening.  For example, you need sunlight, you need soil, and you need seeds in order to grow the perfect garden.  You also have to buy tools, such as a shovel and gloves, from your local gardening center or plant nursery.


Then you need a space that is appropriate for gardening.  Many beginner gardeners make the mistake of not allowing enough room inside their gardening space for their plants to grow healthily.  This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a planter because without proper room to grow, your plants may not root correctly.  Additionally, their leaves will not have enough room to thrive.


Gardening is a Learning Process


If you’re starting out and you want to plant your garden so your plants grow healthy and green, you’ll need to learn how to space your seeds correctly.  To begin, you need four things . First and foremost, you need seed packets.  A measuring tape will help you determine how much space you have allotted for each plant.  Wooden skewers and monofilament string are also important items.


The first thing you should do is measure the area where you’re planting and record how big it is.  Look at each packet of seeds.  There should be some sort of instructions on the back of each packet that details how much space each plant is going to need.  Some plants will need more room to grow than others so be sure to give each plant the proper amount of room.


Drawing and Planning


Next, grab a pencil and a piece of paper. It’s important that you use a pencil instead of a pen because you are likely to need your eraser during this process.  Draw a grid that represents your gardening space and write down where you want to put each plant.


If you’re not sure where each type of plant should go, just think about how big the plants are going to be when they’re full grown.  Plants don’t just grow upward – they grow outward too.  Thinking about how far their leaves are likely to spread will give you a good idea of how far you should spread your seeds.


Let the Planting Begin


Now that your garden is planned out, it’s time to really get your hands dirty!  Place your wooden skewers into the edges of your garden.  Using your monofilament string, link the skewers in a parallel pattern so that your physical garden matches your drawing.


Plant each seed in the position that you assigned it when you were drawing your grid.  A helpful hint to remember is that if you plant one row at a time, you will be able to keep track of what you are planting.  Remember that the string is there for a reason, so plant each seed where it belongs.  It’s also helpful to insert markers beside each plant so that you know what is growing in each section.


Once you have planted your seeds in the garden, you can take the skewers out of the soil.  


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