How to Refinish a Wood Deck

The deck on your home certainly offers considerable enjoyment and is a great addition to your house.  However, if your wood deck is looking a little the worse for wear, then you can easily refinish it.  This type of home repair really only requires the right tools and the time to do it.

Refinishing a deck is a simple home repair process.  You will first need to sand the entire deck.  To do this, you will need the help of a belt sander, though you can certainly do it with a manual sander.  Home repair is generally easier with the right tools and refinishing your deck is no different.

Make sure that you sand all surfaces that will need to be stained.  Once you have sanded your deck, the next step toward home repair is to pressure wash the areas that you just sanded.  This will open up the pores of the wood so that the stain you apply will be absorbed fully. 

Next on your home repair list, you need to purchase a good quality deck sealer.  Go with a trusted name brand, rather than an off brand, because you really do get what you pay for here.


Allow your deck to dry from the washing, and then apply the stain.  In this portion of your home repair, you can use a roller, or even put it in a spray canister and spray the sealer onto your deck.  Allow it to dry completely before you begin walking on it.

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