How to Remove Outdated Popcorn Ceilings

Are you tired of that old, boring popcorn ceiling look?  Is the textured ceiling in your bedroom or lounge starting to feel outdated?  With this simple home improvement job, you can easily get rid of that popcorn ceiling once and for all without having to call in a painter or plasterer.


Step 1
The first thing you will want to do for this home improvement project is remove all of the furniture from your room.  This is a very messy job, and getting the dust out of your furniture will be much more difficult than simply moving it.  Open all windows for ventilation, and tape drop clothes over any items that can’t be removed such as wall ovens or fireplaces.


Step 2

Next, put down drop cloths throughout the room to catch the mess as it falls.  Remove all of your light fixtures and anything else on the ceiling, such as plant hangers. If you have any fixtures that can’t be removed, make sure you tape a piece of plastic over the item such as a plastic bag and secure it well with painter’s tape.


Step 3
The next step in this home improvement project is to don a respirator and set up a ladder.  Get comfortable, then hold your drywall joint knife (choose the broadest handle that is not too wide to hold comfortably) at a 45 degree angle starting in a corner.  Push the blade away from you in even strokes, scraping away the texture while taking care not to gouge the ceiling.  Repeat until the popcorn ceiling is all removed.


Step 4

When you have made it across the room, take care to check for any gouges and fill them with joint compound before sanding the ceiling to an even, smooth finish.

Your home improvement project is now complete!  The job isn’t a hard one, though it can be messy and can leave your hands very tired.  If you find dust gets in your eyes, wear goggles, although this may restrict your visibility.  With this home improvement project done, you are now ready to paint your new ceiling.

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