How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

Do you have carpet in your home or apartment that is covered in pet stains?  Perhaps the stain was there when you moved in, or perhaps Fluffy just got rid of a hairball in the middle of your living room.  The bottom line is that pet stains can be a real pain and you need to do what it takes to get rid of them.


When it comes to new pet stains, the most important thing to keep in mind is to never rub them.  This will always serve to spread the stain and make it larger.  Instead, you should work to treat the stain with a stain cleaner such as Spot Shot or even warm dish soap and water.  Allow the cleaner to soak in and then blot with a washcloth or paper towel.  This will lift the stain without making it larger.


When it comes to older pet stains, using a cleaner like this and blotting may still be effective. You will also find that you can safely scrub an older stain.  When you have removed as much as possible through this method, running a steam cleaner over the area is usually enough to get rid of any lingering stain.


One cleaner that works incredibly well with both old and new pet stains is vinegar.  When you mix one part vinegar and two parts water and apply to the area, you can get rid of both stains and odor without using toxic chemicals.  Pet stains can be quite unsightly, but these methods should make getting rid of them a breeze.

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