How To Remove Rust Stains From Your Sink

Rust stains can be a real pain to remove, especially when they are around tough-to clean areas such as your sink or cistern. You want to remove the rust because it is unsightly and can bore through the glazing and become permanent. Your guests will also see it, which is another reason that many people want to remove rust stains from shared bathrooms and sinks. Fortunately, you can find some easy methods to remove rust stains from these areas.


Many of the sink and toilet bowl cleaners on the market will not remove rust effectively, despite their claims, and you may want to employ some special methods. To get rid of rust, you must first understand it. The iron in the rust is similar to the iron in human blood, and the stain it leaves is just as tough to get rid of. One of the ‘home remedies’ to remove both rust and bloodstains is to use hydrogen peroxide, which separates the metals. This will work to remove rust in many cases as well. If you already have the peroxide in the house, you might want to try it. Something that you do not want to use is bleach, as it can cause the stain to worsen by ‘setting’ or oxidizing it.


When it comes to the commercial products to help remove rust, choose the ones specifically made for rust removal rather than one that claims to ‘do it all’. Shaw’s Pads are great for removing rust from the toilet, and CLR will help to remove rust as well as hard water stains. You’ll just need to empty the bowl first by first turning off the water supply to the toilet, then flushing it. With a bit of elbow grease you’ll find that rust stains in your toilet are a thing of the past.

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