New Ideas For Decorating Your Christmas Tree

When it’s time to make your home look festive for the holiday season, decorating the Christmas tree can be the most fun for you and your children of all festivities.  One great way to put a unique spin on your Christmas tree decor is by choosing a theme.  With a little creativity, you can have a unique Christmas tree the whole family will enjoy.


If you’re especially patriotic, you could choose a flag-related theme to show your love for your home country.  If you live in the US, buy decorations in red, white, and blue and your star-spangled Christmas tree is good to go. 


You could also opt for a family theme when decorating the Christmas tree that incorporates family photos and homemade Christmas decorations.  Have the kiddies pick out their favorite photos from an old photo album, get reprints made, and give them to the kids to cut into fun Christmas shapes like stars and snow-men.  Attach a loop of sparkly cotton on the top, sprinkle on some sticky glitter, and they’re ready to hang on the tree.  


If you want to go extra festive with decorating the Christmas tree, you might want to choose a Santa or snowman theme.  By using ornaments that are all Santa’s or snowmen, you can create a fun and festive Christmas tree.  Use torn-up sheets of cotton-wool to create fake ‘snow.’  Or if you want to add a little warmth to your Christmas tree decor, you could choose a beach theme and decorate the Christmas tree with starfish and sea shells.  The options are limitless.


For those that want to add a little bit of glamor to their holiday season, decorating the Christmas tree with a glitz and glam theme might be fun.  By using lots of sparkles and metallic ornaments, you can add an element of drama to your holiday season.  As one of the favorite images of the holiday season, a gingerbread man tree can be another great theme when decorating the Christmas tree.  Mix real gingerbread shapes with hanging red-and-white striped candy cane for a very festive look.  Just be sure to keep the family dog away from the tree if you pick this option!

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