‘Paw’renting Done Right

Instagram is filled with hilarious videos and boomerangs of people trying to train their puppers and failing miserably. And to think early man, hunter-gatherer tribes to be specific, succeeded in taming wolves. But, honestly, there’s no better pick-me-up for animal lovers than watching a ball of fur trying to get off a flight of steps or even watching back-to-back videos of the “what the fluff” challenge? From adorable goofballs to helping those with high anxiety issues as service animals, dogs are most certainly man’s best friend.

68% of US households (approximately 85 million families) own a pet and dog-owners make up a large percentage of this number. While food and health (vets) cost some money, not all pets are made equal and some require a bit more care when it comes to their diet, lifestyle and even activity. With dogs taking up a lion’s share of the preferred pets in households across the country, we took a look at the pet care and options available. Our top recommendation for your adorable pup is NomNomNow, Inc. Go on, check it out!

It’s Chow Time

Dry food and canned food are common and popular because of the ease and convenience they pack. Some pet parents depend completely on these with the occasional homemade meal added in. But there are still others who would prefer to give their pets a more organic kind of nourishment. For such pet owners there are companies like NomNomNow that home delivers made-to-order pre-portioned meals, so you know exactly what your pet is getting. They take into consideration your pet’s age, weight activity level etc. and recommend recipes for them – something like a dedicated pet dietician. They include real meats like chicken, pork, beef and turkey, something that sorely lacks in tinned and canned food. They also have variety packs, treats, probiotics, and microbiome kits (You can create a profile for your pet and check pricing here. They also have a 30% off promo that will make the subscription affordable)

This customization of meals, fresh preparation, and home delivery, of course, comes at a premium.

A service such as this is very helpful if you’ve adopted a dog and do not know what nutrients it is lacking and desperately needs. Fresh food will help it quickly gain its strength and health back.

Who’s a good boi!?!
Does saying these words make you happy. Well, you aren’t barking mad. See what we did there! Studies show that playing with a pet relieves stress and alleviates a feeling of well-being. We wouldn’t doubt those studies for a second, because how can one be stressed while playing with a floof ball. But some days a good ol’ tennis ball just won’t cut it, right? Pet owners today tend to spend a lot on toys. Squeaky toys, chew toys, toys that taste like bacon (what?), the pet toys section in supermarkets is flush with enough to keep them occupied all day. Even simple balls have been upgraded to glow-in-the-dark flashing light balls. Tapping into this niche, BarkBox has created a pretty awesome offering for pets. Subscribe to it and receive a melange of chew toys, treats, and themed toys. You can even pick a theme for your furry friend. Safari, Dinosaurs, Knights – are you not entertained!

Vet, what?!
Surprise and Betrayal. That moment when your pet realizes you’ve brought it to the vet via a roundabout route. You’re not the only ‘pawrent’ to face this. If social media posts are anything to go by, the hilarity that ensues when you manage to trick your pet into going to the vet is something that family lore is made of. But much like a regular checkup, including dental, is essential for us, taking your pet to the vet is an absolute must. Any change in their behavior, coat, eating habits, routine etc. must be taken very seriously. It might be nothing, it might be everything. Even if you are giving your pet the best dog or cat food by the best brands, it might not be the thing it needs. It might need a more holistic approach to its care. Some important nutrient might be lacking or it could simply be something you never really paid attention to. Different breeds of dogs need different care as they get on in age. Type of food, activity levels and even change in weather, might all be factors that influence the change in its behavior. This is best diagnosed by a professional. Find a good vet you can trust and more importantly one who treats your pet with compassion and care.

Go the distance
Medical care is one of the most essential aspects of pet care and yet is one of the most expensive, especially if it needs surgery or high-end medicines. Buying your pet medical insurance will be doing them and you a big favor. The policies available cover pet nutrition, physical therapy, diagnostics, preventive medicine, surgery, and even critical care.

Learn more about NomNomNow and check how they can take care of your pet


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